Tao Santo Domingo Mono Origin

This dark chocolate originating from Santo Domingo has a marked cocoa character, highlighted by a pleasant bitter taste with persistent floral and fruity notes. No milk and dairy products.

Tao Sao Tomè Mono Origin

This chocolate has a very intense and complex taste, rich in roasted cocoa and fresh fruity notes of apricot, red fruits, citrus fruits and even a hint of tea. No milk and dairy products.

Tao Perù Mono Origin

This chocolate is characterized by its delicate and at the same time aromatic notes, which reveal an intense and strong personality. The authentic and pure taste of this cocoa gives rise to an extraordinary chocolate. Without milk and dairy products.

Tao Ecuador Mono Origin

This very harmonious dark chocolate offers intense cocoa aromas with marked toasted notes and a remarkable fruity and acidulous scent. The notes of rum, whisky and tobacco give this chocolate a very pleasant character, harmonious and balanced. Without milk and dairy products.

Tao Nero

A dark chocolate without milk and dairy products, rich in cocoa and cocoa butter.

Tao Bianco

A creamy white chocolate, rich in cocoa butter and milk, with a delicate taste and a hint of vanilla.

Tao Ruby

A creamy ruby chocolate with a fruity bouquet, with slightly acidic notes and a delicate pink color.
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