The R NINE ONE was developed to bring the very best of our commercial machine development programme into a machine capable of outstanding results. Designed for use in a small commercial application or home environment.
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Rocket Espresso - R NINE ONE
Rocket Espresso - R 60V

R 60V

The R 60V pressure profiling.
Traditionally 9 bar of pump pressure extracts the flavours and oils from the coffee to produce espresso. The R 60V with a unique pressure profile system allows further enhancement in the cup with the ability to fine tune pump pressure over the course of the extraction.
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R 58

Dual independently operated PID controlled boilers allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style. Rocket Espresso inclined boiler technology means precise group temperature adjustment and unprecedented levels of temperature stability.
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Rocket Espresso - R 58


Features taken directly from our commercial espresso machine range give the Cronometro machines superior technology that is normally only found in full sized commercial espresso machines.
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Giotto & Mozzafiato Cronometro V

The Cronometro V model is offered in two different body styles, both with heat exchanger PID temperature control technology.

The Giotto and Mozzafiato Cronometro V machines introduce users to the Rocket Espresso movement for better espresso in the home without compromise.
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The Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium. Rocket engineers optimised the chassis and layout of the internal components without compromising on the quality and features you expect from Rocket Espresso. Available with white or copper circular side panel inserts.
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Domestic model range brochure



R 9V

The R 9V with pressure profiling, fully saturated group and multi boiler technology.

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Rocket Espresso - R 9V
Rocket Espresso - R 9

R 9

The pursuit of the perfect espresso is an endless quest. In designing the Rocket Espresso R 9, engineer Ennio Berti opted for a fully saturated group to further enhance machine temperature stability through PID control in the stainless steel multi boiler machine.
Pressure transducer technology was used to dramatically reduce steam pressure recovery times, increasingly important in high volume cafes..
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RE Doppia

The RE Doppia combines the latest Rocket Espresso  technology with a specification and level of componentry that represents a machine brought to market with an aggressive approach to price versus specification. This does not mean the Doppia is any less of a machine, rather with clever engineering, the Doppia clearly outperforms most machines in this class.
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Rocket Espresso - RE Doppia
Rocket Espresso - RE A Timer

RE A Timer

Handmade from the very best materials in our Milan factory, the RE A Timer espresso machine utilises digitally adjustable, pressure transducer technology to ensure optimum brewing control.

We believe temperature stability is one of the most important factors in espresso machine design. The RE A Timer is produced with a superior thermo siphon system architecture for optimal temperature stability and performance.
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A smaller sized machine for those businesses where space is a premium, drawing on over sized boiler capacities that will cope with any peak service demand.

BOXER is a premium compact machine combing the specifications necessary to produce espresso without compromise yet retaining both the style and finish not normally found in the compact machine market.

Contemporary design, BOXER performance, Rocket Espresso.

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Rocket Espresso - BOXER

Commercial model range brochure

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