So many coffee machine distributors out there but only Tritama delivering premium products to you. We believe in quality to make a cup of high-class coffee.

Our Story

With years of experience in servicing coffee and café industry, Tritama understands very well there is an increasing need for highly skilled and professional coffee equipments to support ever growing café business and Specialty coffee shop here in Indonesia.

We pride ourselves as an official distributor a series well established brand of Espresso machine , professional coffee grinders and other related equipments for coffee enthusiasts such as café operator, roasters and savvy home barista community.

It is a commitment of Tritama to deliver products to pursue brewing consistent a great cup of coffee from a beautiful, reliable and well made equipment.

Why Us?

Great customers experiences proves that Tritama’s coffee machines and equipments prioritize the Quality of products, Training and a Customers service.

It is always our commitment to deliver an ideal and professional services to you with our dedicated sales team, series of training and after sales technical team.

We put faith in good relationship between Our company and customers. Thus, Tritama is commited to deliver the best service to you. 

Our team will make sure that we have all replacement parts of every equipment you have purchase from us.

We're Hiring. Join Us.

We are looking for passionate candidates who are ready to commit to the job, have strong work ethic and willing to improve. Are you the one?
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