October 4, 2019

Knowing the Difference between Coffee Machine vs. Espresso Machine

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One way to know coffee machine and espresso machine difference is by understanding the difference between coffee and espresso.

First, we know that the origin of coffee is always the same, which is coffee bean. However, every type of machine works differently creating various process and coffee experience. Each machine is designed to make the most excellent drink. But in the end, the personal taste does matter and plays big role.

Definition of Espresso

Espresso is an authentic Italian drink that has become popular and loved by coffee enthusiast all around the world.

To make it, barista expresses or forces out nearly boiling water, just small amount of it, then putting it under pressure through coffee beans already being ground finely.

The result is the end product called ‘shot’ with rich creamy flavor. You can drink espresso right away, or use it as basis of other coffee types, such as latte, cappuccino, macchiato, long black or ristretto.

Nespresso capsule machine is the easiest way in making espresso.

Texture wise, espresso is thicker than filter coffee. Espresso also contains caffeine with higher level. There are three layers consisting espresso, they are heart, body and crema. The heart is bottom layer, body is the middle one, and crema is golden layer with sweet taste on top of espresso.

The heart is bottom layer, body is the middle one, and crema is golden layer with sweet taste on top of espresso.

Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers

The two are different machines that can be classified based on its brewing method.


The roasting of filter coffee beans is done purposed for brewing method. Commonly, the beans will be way lighter so it maintains its acidity. On the other side, espresso is usually roasted resulting darker beans, with richer flavor. The strong flavor is what makes espresso famous. Espresso is also strong enough to be mixed with milk, creating lattes and cappuccinos.


The difference is indeed in the coffee texture. For espresso machine, the coffee is fine and powdery. Meanwhile, the coffee makers grind is thick and coarse.


Espresso machine does brew and pour less than 30 seconds, because espresso coffee has finer grind. As for coffee maker, it uses coarser grind of drip coffee, so the brewing time is longer as about ten minutes.


The pressure is high in espresso machine that it does force water through coffee only in seconds. On the other side, coffee maker depends on gravity power to pull water through filters gradually.


Because of its limited feature and simple function, coffee maker is commonly cheaper when it comes to price. But, if you like your coffee made in barista-style, it is good to invest in espresso machine with fine quality.

Caffeine Content

In 225ml cup by coffee maker, the caffeine contained is around 95mg and 165mg in between. You can make the coffee taste stronger by using darker roast or brewing longer.

Meanwhile, in 225ml cup by espresso machine, the caffeine contained is about 375mg and 520mg in between.

Then, Nespresso is for all tastes. There is 50mg to 120mg caffeine in original capsules, while Vertuo capsules have it as much as 70mg to 150mg for Espresso and Gran Lungo. For cup of Mug and Alto coffee size, the caffeine contained is about 170mg to 200mg.

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